Event Log 2016
  • 10-03-2016: A guy at my grocery store challenged me to protect his right to be at large in the community.
  • Someone may have used a photo of this person to identify him. It was too dark to be recognizable, but an edited version of the photo may have done so. I don't know who the person is, or why he was pleading for relief, but he is not the person who stalked me to my new apartment (I believe he may be interested in my work on genetic engineering, in particular: Klinefelter's Syndrome).

    Hacks to the text in my websites have disparaged me and others, and edits to the photography could be used to misrepresent me and my work. I'm simply logging this incident as another worthy of our attention because I work on alternative forms of treatment, and our right to be free from restraints. An article I published called (Treatment Plans) addresses some of these concerns.