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In keeping with the National Health Service Department of Health Classifications, The Trusteeship IMID Posts:

There's no universally agreed upon definition of Complementary or Alternative Medicine, or CAMS but the terms do overlap. Complementary medicine overlaps with traditional heath care and Alternative medicine, which replaces standard practice."

In Great Britan, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic are regulated in the same way as standard medicine, but there is no Statutary Professional Regulation of any other CAM providers. For a more complete description of treated conditions and consent, please review the National Health Service Website for: Terms of Consent.

IMID is constantly evaluating the viability of its suggestions in the hope that ongoing record keeping will lead to a better understanding of what kinds of recommendations to use in the future. If you would like to pursue regulatory efforts with regard to Standard Practice, please visit: General Medical Council, which investigates the complaints of their partners.

IMID does not practice apart from the Virtual Web Services it provides, and does not keep patient records other than its own.

It is hoped that just as Modern Medicine is protected by Malpractice legislation, that Responders, and Complementary and Alternative Health Care practitioners in the community may benefit from open disclosure of results enjoyed by others, and that public policy we develop in this environment will help to educate adaptive medical practices in general. However, until our project is funded, the services we provide can only be illustrated by the people who've already advocated for themselves by using our products. [i]

A brief discussion of consent for treatment may be found here: Consent. Clients may refuse to participate in any or all of these activities and choose to seek help from other Local Agencies at anytime. The right to refuse treatment, or seek consent for your own treatment plan, is described here as a rational approach to the use of the term 'hopeless condition', and illustrates how irrational we can be when we consent to treatment from someone who claims we have a hopeless condition.


1. Victor Devinatz, from Nature Society and Thought vol. 14, no. 3 (2001), "The Antipolitics and Politics of a New Left Union Caucus: The Workers' Voice Committee of the UAW Local 6, 1970–1975", The Workers Voice

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