Grave Disorders

I wouldn't call this a script for a movie, like the Wizard of Oz, but I did get a letter from Dorothy Story at CPS indicating that she had no record of the name I was led to believe belonged to a vulnerable girl in the area. So I've carried on by challenging the Elders in our region to name a Directory I built for the Local Missions. They're leading the way with concern for their missing children, and I too lost my own, so I've been trying to help out.

To have complained about their vulnerability is perhaps my first mistake because complaints may justify trafficking, and I have no right to make judgements of that kind, but I was encouraged to sign a petition to end the corporal punishment of children, and like causes of other kinds such as efforts to combat abortion, I'll occasionally voice my concern, or try to provide a way to amend the victims.

In this case, I believed the safest course of action was to leave room for doubt. Not to play the fall guy, but to allow suspicions to continue to ensure her safety. I acted out of concern for her vulnerability. I tried to draw attention to the situation as discretely as I could. I believed that if someone was trying to avoid accountability, by being a friend of hers - or even another suspect, I might alleviate the anxiety and reduce the threat she's dealing with. And so for example: Who knows what's happening when we're sleeping or dreaming? When we dream, which isn't normally considered to be real, we can't be sure of what's really happening.

The distinction that has been made by this case is that children may believe dreams are real - even daydreams, and that beliefs covered by the Red Road of the First Nation presume that we really do live together as One Being in Spirit, which seems to be much more true today than it was before the Internet. To challenge the creed, or faith ought to be considered discrimination.

Nevertheless, privately I've been under suspicion for my tolerance. The claim that I slept with her in my room must have been based upon a dream, or a vision, or perhaps even a prank or scheme to represent someone else that I wish I could've known better, like my daughter. I reported the statement she made at her birthday party to a safety center, and have done my best to be thorough about my history in order to help others better understand the peculiarities of our region, and the suspicions we encounter whenever anyone from our area tries to describe their childhood - it's typical of our area. And, its already understood that I grieving the loss of someone who's already passed on - though not well enough by those who practice blind faith.

The fact that these efforts coincided with a huge offer from a foreign investor shortly later, and that harassment prior to these events forced regular moves, resulted in a business that has become little more than an an archive for a few others who've died trying to do much the same. Ongoing challenges might suggest that required reporting and endless questions may be the cause of the problems we live with, but we are required to do so because our subsidiaries can no longer pay for this service, and we're operating on living expenses.

Current Events

Ironically, while I've been fully accountable, and have covered everything I can remember well enough to write, speak or report truthfully, what we seem to be living with are problems that have been created to be solved, or strategized by us for free. Constructs that are unbearable to live with, and have to be solved or we die! It doesn't help to be disrupted, or expected to operate without adequate resources as well.

Efforts to defend my daughter may have provided the motivation for the circumstances I live with, but I'm sure the concerns I shared with health care personnel have much more to do with my daughter's ongoing problems than my new friend. Their way of dealing with my concern was to publish information from the 7th floor of a local Service Agency. To respond by doing the same is not wrong. And the sincerity of my friend, the vulnerable girl, would be heinous to offend. Besides, her story led to ever more clever understandings. I recruited her mother to help with my publications, and a smokey quartz crystal (which is reputed to help people with addictions) went missing from their household. When I asked her where it went, she said very quietly under her breath:

"I gave it to a mouse in the city."

Regardless of what kind of mouse it is, I believe we should call him/her or it Algernon out of respect for the efforts of the Anonymous community. That would be smart! Computer mice and their related components include rubies, lasers, cursors, and pointers, and I write CSS to educate users by way of tool tips and other cues, the likely consequences of using the hyperlinks we attach as they approach the anchor text onboard. Though some of this knowledge I may have obtained by questionable means, it's a historically complex problem I've described in more detail at: Transpositions.

Regarding the Use of Names

CERN in Switzerland has an Animal Shelter for Computer Mice (its where they go to retire), but this I believe is an example of a teaching of respect and may perhaps help us to set a precedent. Please see also:

My son, a Trans (short for transvestite) and his sister, the child I returned to defend together do not add up to a transistor, but to make use of the ambiguity in our language is useful. I use it so as not to disparage the young girl's discrete anonymous reference. The fact is, I've allied with these machines by use of a computer mouse, and that we make pretty good friends after all. It's not wrong for me to have respect for useful things either, and I've made room for at least two possibile meanings of the term: 'a mouse in the city'. (for more on the limits of language, please see: An Audience Driven Presentation)

The Need for Forgiveness

My friend also taught me to forgive my mother for the denial of events we grew up with in the 1960's. Its a part of our history that I found very difficult to deny, even if my mother expected it of me, but forgetfulness might be a better fate than the bitterness I felt about the loss of my children. Today, it might be considered a kind of treatment for new mothers (to heal from the damages of giving birth), or a new religion for me (the big baby that caused the problem). Please see: Log for more details.

I was considered a hat-sitter, and as a young man and number one son, was not welcome to call-out traditions or health care professionals for cutting on young boys without their consent.

Some might say I became excessively preoccupied with scars and missing erectile tissue, so I left to make my way in a more forgiving land, and returned by way of a hate crime scene to become a 'capped hat sitter' - forced to face the fact that my charges don't stick.

Unfinished Business

Perhaps, my lack of meaningful commitment to The Ten Commandments, or anxious preoccupation with the loss of my children led to the horrible disruptions to my attachments, but I did my best to account for my own behavior and avoid passing on what was committed, or presumably forbidden to be known by those I cared about. I'm glad I did. Its clear that trying to charge an offender might've had something to do with the problems that remain, but only because what was a tolerable investigation for me as a boy, might not have been as easy to for a girl to understand.

The hazards of these efforts weren't apparent to me before I left. Even sending my partners wedding ring didn't seem to help even though it was the only thing we had of value to help her and her mother deal with the situation. I knew using the Internet to report was the plan by then, and I did my best to follow through with it. I've trusted the challenges I've been provided with to adapt, and I'm not trying to distract anyone by referring to the ambiguity of language, or seemingly random applications of the meanings of names. The fact is that we lost our voices while reporting crimes, and that we've been required to do so in order to obtain heath care we need as a result of injuries we sustained while doing so. So to limit the use of names seems like a good idea. However, the Secretary of State requires an entity to have a structure and a name that refers to the person who established it. If a client is unable or unwilling to follow through with these obligations, I'm held responsible, and right now I can't afford to meet all these expectations.

I used to believe I got a lot of milage out of reporting crime, but the problems that've resulted from our effort to do so are changing tools we're still developing. And new features of our landscape like CERN have become very important to me. We're trying to solve a double bind. Like those who report genocide have had to face the fact that they may die to prove that its happening, we realize that the more reporting we do, the more motivation there is for criminal intervention.

Stalking continues while we secure income for professionals, and if we are drugged by them to calm down, we aren't even aware of the consequences of our effort. We just blindly follow instructions while they try to teach us discretion. Officials and authorities paid by the system won't do the reporting for us because we're invalidated by the doctors opinions (and the drugs). And the opinion that we're unreliable witnesses is fabricated to cast enough doubt upon our testimony to create a safe environment for suspects, who are conscripted to subsidize relief efforts. Our plan was to use media, but in my case, the media I provided was lost by the professionals. For many others, its been censored.

No Longer Negotiable

For those who are still conscious, or waking up! Face the fact that secrets are preyed upon, and that it's likely not to stop until we open up. Truth that is commonplace and ordinary sometimes really is the truth, but is frequently doubted and needs to be repeated in order to end suspicions. And assumptions like the idea that we've become the components of a machine are not unlike the idea that we can migrate disenfranchised workers by use of the 'M' Machine (Molock) in the film Metropolis. Though many have tried by various means to find a suitable vehicle for eternal life, we're not likely to rival the depth of experience, or subtlety of living by any means anytime soon. The persistence of archetypes and virtual visualizations online are already a fact of our lives. And, the web is the most well developed tool ever built for that purpose. However, I believe the goal is to be transparently at rest with the power of the Creator rather than entangled in an endless struggle to prove what's true. To loose control over our developments due to censorship and hacking is heartbreaking, and to be denied the opportunity to do so as a result of violence frames us all.

Forbidden Knowledge

If our work really is nothing but a cover-up, then why haven't we committed more of our time to the argument for the necessity of the work? Why is the focus on disclosure, as in Confessions, or Results. Why is it so difficult for honest people to accept the fact that nothing is so seriously wrong that it can't be amended by telling the truth and setting matters straight. After all this is a 'did-you-tell' revolution, is it not? The problem is that many honest people die trying to do so, and that very few are competently said. We've got to do everything we can to help each other achieve these goals. Write out the concerns, ask for help, and pray for mercy!

When God introduced forgiveness through Christ, God's sons had been accused of offending the children of men, In (Genesis 6) the Bible says He flooded the entire planet to be rid of the corruption, and His forgiveness was provided by the power of the Holy Spirit within the Virgin Mary. Why is it wrong to call out one person at a time for similar suspicions?

Perhaps because we still suffer from an inability to evaluate these circumstances, or are awestruck or stunned, and sometimes even rendered unconscious by witness to questionable situations, evidence may be hidden, or censored from our opportunity to bear out of concern for these kinds of reactions. To return to the rules of creative endeavor when we're failing isn't wrong. The problem is that we've only progressed as far as Babel and are still abiding before the alter at AI because we've been so harassed and disrupted that only a few hours of our full days can used to make progress with our work. How much more will be required of us before we're able to heal from the trauma we've suffered to catch-up and serve Him well?


We're mired in ancient problems by complexities that we're not likely to solve without Artificial Intelligence. And even with our best computing we cannot predict what life will do to adapt. And extremes of male intelligence are not as well prepared to build as normal females! Add to that the compound disenfranchisement of hate crimes resulting from the defiance of dominant men and we completely deny the people any opportunity to work with the truth at all. Fair trials are challenged because the courts can't tolerate contempt, and victims can't defend themselves by saying what happened or why.

Like those who live under suspicion, are banished, or disabled, life goes on by accepting the hatred that exists without confrontation - and - without the blessings of freedom and opportunity that are afforded by more traditional means because we're considered to be deserving of our fate. People who have more to offer are no better or worse than we are, but because they have the power to give, their characters are considered to be better. The fact is that anyone with the power to give would enjoy the same benefits - even a person without merit. Its merely the power to do good that counts, not the good character that actually creates it.

These tools were developed to solve these problems, and the Internet became our 'higher court'. We've been denied civil liberties by sanctions and suspicions that've resulted in poverty. And efforts to protect and defend ourselves with reserves were mismanaged and abused by the disruption and duress of our persons and our places needed to solve problems for others without subsidy. We are the real risk takers because no one else can afford the time to do so, but the denial of our most basic needs, such as: healthy food, clean air and water, peace and quiet, and rest enough to heal for another day requires our attention on a daily basis to obtain and keep. Its hard to believe there could be another motivation for the interference we live with than the obstruction of justice.

God used the sky to separate the waters in the vaults of the heavens from the waters on earth, and gathered lands to separate land from land on earth, but mists are rising to rain as clouds once again over all lands, and the thirst of man increases as the vessels enlarge.