Continuing to Heal and Empower Minneapolis

Food, Shelter and Clothing

Bird on the wingWe'll be wherever we need to be doing whatever we can whenever we're able.

Please write: if you'd like to help take the initiative to do what you can to confront problems like human trafficking, and committed, or outspoken reasons for doing so. We're strengthening our community with Alternative, and Complementary Medicine by supporting the right to seek treatment and self defense from injuries caused by system practices such as, the requirement to report crime in order to obtain health care. We're also seeking freedom from restraint, forced treatment, and double binds resulting from the Medical Practice forcing the breaths by use of physical violence, while being taught the condemnation of the Breath of Life in scripture: (Genesis 6)

What can we do to make things right? In Brief!
(Everything we can!)

If we've determined where we've gone wrong, we do everything we can to correct the problems that've resulted!

  • For example, if I've been manipulative and someone feels harassed, have I been clear about my reasons for doing so: Please see: Self Examination
  • Can we legitimize alternatives to treatments motivated by profits, forced treatment, or imprisonment by writing our own treatment plans: Please see: Treatment Planning
  • Can I challenge an opinion that's been made about me? IMID provides the Office of Unlicensed and Complementary Health Care Complaint Form
  • And providing a referral for a problem we can't solve may not solve the problem, but knowing our own limits does help!
  • Please see our Bill of Rights


When I was asked to build a site to empower vulnerable adults and children, I began by focusing on the work of the Local Missions, and I shared information about food sources for the Food Shelves. There we found sound counseling and good food to rely upon for our basic needs. This mission is a sign and a symbol of our gratitude for the support. Today, we're facing a crisis that can't always be addressed by appealing to social services, local agencies, or even the local Missions themselves. For many of our clients, services are no longer available for various reasons.

For example: after advocating for patients in the health care system, obtaining health care became difficult, and while working for others sympathetic to our needs, this product and the reputation of this business was compromised by malware and malicious hacking. We've only recently been able to rely upon our product again. So, we're allying in small groups of 4 or 5 like minded individuals to solve our living problems together. Please see: Cell Groups

Problem solving the Housing Crisis

While confronted by the suffering of our children, members of our community moved into tent cities to avoid drug use and harassment in housing we can't afford, and international concerns were seeking to support us by working to make financial transfers to the United States.

What's the motivation for these transactions? We're required to report the crimes that result in injuries by Counties Health Care Insurance Policies, and are stalked in the housing we've been given by the criminals we've been forced to report. Is there is no other way for the disenfranchised to pay for the treatment of the injuries by application of strategies we've already employed?

Black Elk's Prayer

All over the earth the faces of living things are all alike.

With tenderness have these come up out of the ground. Look upon these faces of children without number with children in their arms, that they may face the wind and walk the good road to the day of quiet. This is my prayer; hear me now!"

We're adapting camping techniques to the circumstances in the cities to cope with the harassment in our homes, and are considering: rural adaptations, living in RV's, shipping containers and houseboats, but it's our judgements and condemnation that leads to the theft of our children, and an endless migration to new places of avoidance.

Our way of life has been celebrated all over the world as one of freedom and opportunity, but what about freedom from want? The Lakota way of life provided for the needs of everyone. Have we? How is the freedom and opportunity of some in exchange for dangerous information better than meeting the needs of all without questions?