Will the real leak ever show up?

The moment I arrived back home after using Mark’s name I knew he was showing up ready for action. I ought to be better prepared to accept the fact that it’s a problem for many to get ‘ratted out’, but an actual implementation of IMID assumes that we have some familiarity with the questionable circumstances we're writing about to resolve.

If not, we wouldn't be able to judge at all. We know something's wrong because we've suffered the consequences of the behavior ourselves and perceive it in others as despicable. We know it's true when we see it in others because we've done it ourselves and recognize the signature.

On the other hand, calling someone out due to a literal interpretation of their proper name would be considered ridiculous. I realize that people of good character do right by their names even if their given name does conjure up errant nonsense, but for some reason, I’ve been given problems like these for well over 20 years (perhaps due to the direction my Brand took).

Forced entry at IMID was accomplished by complaining about water damage that resulted from a flood and the cost of cleaning it up. One from a toilet, and several others from tubs that they’re drying it out by using dehumidifiers fans.

But my whole point here is that blame doesn’t work. I blame myself for trying to size up a threat we faced as children because I couldn't apprehend it. I only knew that the pressure we lived with ruptured my eardrums and caused such pain that I woke my mother at night to seek out her comfort and was frequently cradled in her rocking chair, or put to bed with a hot water bottle on my pillow.

I was able to drain the pus from my ears as I matured, but the disorientation led to mistakes like an errant bat swing that hit my best friend Davy, and encounters with girls who didn’t think we would fit. I realize now that my failure to get him to the hospital may have resulted in the need for demonstrations on how to properly use a stretcher, or gurney, but will we ever be able to return to a more unequivocal understanding of the problem?

Standing on the corner, suitcase in my hand...

By rubbing each other's temples with the power of suggestion we were convinced that we had the power to put the girls under a spell (my guess today is that they were just being nice). And gas stations with girly magazine centerfolds on the walls were likely to pose a hazard too.

But rumbling our beds and vibrating our rooms at all hours of the night with industrial strength sanders, or magic fingers of some kind results in exhaustion for most of us, even if it does arouse the feminine pleasure for some, who will undoubtedly adapt by running the water until the manager comes in.

Like the hazards of describing the holocost, we had to prove that peadophelia really does exist! And, predictably, like another episode of Killagain’s Island, we really do have toxic emissions in our apartments and very few places left to go.

Some people believe it’s better to heal on our own than it is to go back to the guy who’s cutting on us for help. Don’t you? It was my father’s job to market Gas Stations in the 1960’s and he took that kind of activity seriously. He wanted to make them a friendly place, where families would feel safe. How would we ever feel safe with a guy who used a scalpel on us?

I shared my concern about discoveries like these with my doctors in the 1980’s and I believe they used my daughter to find out more. Even things I forgot about, like a colonic I was required to my brother. This is not about Mark, Tyson, or me: a target of the healthcare industry. We were children learning to cope with the interracial differences who have become really bad targets.

The scripts and commandments that were etched into pulp and stone of old are confusing and peculiar to humans who see and move about more easily than wood and stone. Scripture just needed to spell things out with more ambiguity so we could stay put.

The creative power expressed by those mediums prior to these times were used to create enough ambiguity for the average person to be able to allude to an issue without being cursed by exclusions from the Creator or the power to create.

Our own flawed characters denied us the opportunity to create, and envy of the power to create is just one, but with this new medium we can teach these limitations with greater clarity. Make it so! Let creation unfold as it would! To covet our power by hiding creative potential is more harmful to those unaware than the honest disclosure of creative potential is - however humble it may be.

Ultimately, it is God’s power, and God’s disclosure to be sure. Not the powers of darkness, or destruction, but new lights in the heavens. Let them be for all people: for signs and for seasons, and to separate the day from the night.