Log and Report, or Redefine the Problem

We must do everything we can to secure the confidence of our people who may require assets developed by this trust to bring the truth to bear.

Archetype Development

When in doubt about a project, prepare your media and materials more carefully. (For example: sometimes, when we're covering crimes and complaints we need to use more careful language strenuously, and locking folders rigorously just to preserve our efforts.)

Keep a Log! By logging entries on paper and drafting public copy carefully before going live, we're able to keep a reliable copy of the whole record and present what's relevant online as needed.

For more information on the subject, please review the following options Fundamentals, Self Advocacy, or link directly to Log & Report.

Focus Group!

So far, we've gained competency at solving these primary problems:

  • Inflammation of the body: Inflammation from the stress of working in a cramped environment on a phone or tablet with small repetitive movements can be treated by way of: Bodywork
  • Inflammation of the mind: Dealing with fear, anger and even remorse, (anger turned inwards), can literally burn us up. Use tools we’re continuing to develop here to address this disease causing manifestations: Options
  • Inflammation of each other: In order to resolve conflicts and make amends we’ve learned to work on: Problem Solving.