There and Back Again

My mission is accomplished. I recreated my perspective in a study to reflect upon knowledge we're not able to know. The consequence of earlier disclosures, and ongoing investigations lead some to recommend yet another remedy for the hazards that accompany the task.

This stop at the first falls of our river serves as a safe haven to protect and defend ourselves from the threats in our lives to mitigate the harm that comes, but lightning struck and another opportunity to bear witness to what God has done to transform - rather than heal has been taken. Its the falls - the only place I can tolerate after the initial shock of my encounter with what has been done to adapt.

A quick decision returned me home. Driving all night after crossing another border, a burst of white light flashed across the sky to the East before me. My laundry seemed heavy with gravity the morning after.

Confused after a dark nights travel on the tortuous road, and momentarily disregarding the map given to me by my mother's boyfriend, I woke up from my nap and left abruptly on the road I came in on, instead of heading North-North East where I needed to go.

Still attached to partners and dreams from the East but needing to avoid the unresolved consequences of clinical glass removal from a previous effort to do laundry at my home away from home, I took papers to clarify the confusion that resulted from efforts to explain my circumstances on the phone.

First FallsEncountering unspoken parts, and unidentified remains after turning around left me wondering at the previous nights encounter, and the abrupt departure from my previous home: "Did I leave too quickly, or turn too fast? How could my drive impact a fancy from such a distance?

Which falls I refer to now I can't really say, but we're making way by milky-white stream with tent in bramble under the waterfall of a quarry leading back to the river.


The ever widening circle

"Beings are numberless; vowing to free them.

Dharma gates are boundless; vowing to enter them.

Delusions are inexhaustible; vowing to extinguish them."

Minnesota Zen Center

"Rather than catch someone in a lie, show them what was thought.

For every student who has made up their mind, there's another who has not.

What remains is to be accountable, and autonomy is all that's taught."


One Pure Note for Another

Not that one note is defined by a score -
or scored by a scribe that wants you no more!

We struggle to know one sound that rang true,
Without a memory, for music so blue.

We size up the horrors; what grievance reigns in,
In nightmares of hollowed, puppets of skin.

We follow the strains - a new note to play!
On parchment so browned by the patine of a Grey.

Resolved by the true love of harmonious spins,
A union of two notes brings peace to a hymn.


Caps Left Behind

Laid-back visitors, in bright-red yard-chairs,
Sit as we gather our food, midst their stares.

With caps left behind after the lights went out;
Yellow cornmeal now, stead of white alter'd flour.

This one's so simple, missing her part.
Shifting by a road that still has a heart.

She joined me for lunch, just a few days ago.
At a spot down the road - a safe place to go?

We'll find a way, to a place that really is,
On a path not of men, in a place - really His!


Making Way

Much of our time is thinking of death, and death is thinking of me.

Forsaking this world we condemn it, arriving, we make way where we see.

Because we're so violently parted, I guess I'd just rather we'd be,

On our way to the dearly departed, far away from the curse upon thee!


Petal's Filagrees

A flowering of the mind,

And mapping of the infinite kind,

Peers out through Petal's filagrees to find:

Stalk, branch, and stem,

Bridled as trunk and root.

To ground.