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I hope this letter finds you well! This may be too much material for one sitting, but I'm going to take a risk and share my recent ramblings with you in the hopes that we can return to a more natural form of compliance. I originally wrote this for my Sponsor and a Crime Prevention Specialist. We believe that when blame is being used against someone or something, that we ought to use our names in order to do so. The fact that Anonymous Fellowships practice forgiveness may be based upon this problem: We cannot lay blame without disclosing who we are, and providing an opportunity for a defense, so I'm working on this problem at GitHub.

I spoke to the City Attorney again after one of the regulars at the soup kitchen where my iPad was stolen started in on me. We discussed things like stolen accounts (Facebook, and Gmail accounts that I used to conduct my business), getting framed for murder, the death of the Professor, and the possiblity that he really didn't like me, among other things - briefly, and he told me that two representatives from the Communist Party will be calling on me. I referred to my efforts to get things done by honest plea, or by request - even repeated requests upon consideration and reconsideration of objections to them as a way to get things done, but have no choice but to face the eventuality of just such an eventuality.

For example: When my friend Duong went missing, I recruited Hong to help me find her (they're both from Vietnam). Hong said he was going to move to another city, so I offered to help him move. He refused my offer, and later told me that someone gave him a room here in our city for free, so he didn't leave after all, but I can't reach him. Sometimes we get into a jam trying to help people out. When protesters chained a school bus full of children across the gate to a landfill that was polluting our groundwater, I was asked to keep watch over the bannering with a radio at the Drive-In Theater next door. And when I was asked: "What did you do when the garbage trucks showed up?" I had to answer: "Keep watch at the Drive-In!"

As one Anonymous Fellowship puts it, we are privileged to use God's powers of creation as long as we don't treat them lightly or selfishly, or despise and loath them. Perhaps a lewd act was inspiration enough to retrieve us from the shock and awe of our exposure to the pressures of the Calypso Singer in the Islands or our response to it. Applying ourselves in Asia may have seemed like a valid way to avoid the consequences of the Alpha Male in America, but at what cost? He referred to my step-dad as a pragmatic person (comparing the cost of an afternoon delight with the cost of war, or trafficking children). Our family was already dealing with rejection in China when serving as Missionaries, and our nation was running for cover from the war in South East Asia. 'Teaching the Commandments' at home didn't seem to me to be beyond my scope.

Apparently pedophilia is one of the most successful adaptations to racism, or bigotry. After all, aren't the different colors, shapes and sizes God afforded us after the fall how He dealt with our shame and inadequacy? Why wouldn't we learn to be fruitful with those we consider to be our own creations? Isn't that what we've been taught: to adapt and be useful?
And, aren't we providing a more fertile field in God's realm by teaching them to create online? Perhaps there really is good reason to take the high road - or to call out a more persistent politic movement and correct the arrogant conclusions that result in death. Certainly, the more input we field, the better our judgement will be!

That a case is being made in my home by trespasses I can't identify isn't surprising! We had to report the crimes that led to our injuries to get our health care established, but our reports lead to new injuries to keep the machine funded, so the crimes go under cover. And when we have problems, they show up to live with us - or we get placed with someone who has a deadly infectious disease - or handcuffed to an offender - or tied to a dead body - or put on a stretcher with a neck brace - or chained to a transmission in a field. It's what our world has taught us! And, it's not enough to report the problem, we really need to do something about it!

Web Delivery

I know that at times, what we've been led to believe to be true is rubbish. I've encountered the deceit in my own documents, and on my own server. We don't know who's made the changes, and there's an awfully large amount of information to cover. I've done all I can to improve my security, but I can't replace the old equipment I use to compose these documents without investments under my own control. And I can't afford an accountant to comply with the expectations of Investors, so we live with the consequences

I'd summarize the circumstance this way: We're learning to publish for ourselves for the first time, and very few of us have experience with the subtle nuances of the work. Such as the ability to anticipate what kind of reaction a particular piece might have when published. We get our idea online, and then find out what's happening again, and see what it really means to say in the light of day. That - well, perhaps it ought to be this way or that. And, it's becoming abundantly clear to me, that we're working with a new light, and it's going to get much brighter.

Precisely because some statements are doubted, others believe they can change what's been said. Work is either censored, or rewritten to suggest what might be better to say, and apparently some have been granted permission to do so because yet others believe the original statements are inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, or just plane wrong. And still others, who perceive someone, or something to be a threat, or are unable to trust the development of the new medium, rush in to take advantage of the situation by postulating their own beliefs based upon even less information than the author to determine if their suspicions are true, until no one can be sure of anything.

What I'm correcting is only what I know to be wrong, and am sure is false in my own documents. Changes have been made that recast statements made in a hateful tone, confusing clarity it's taken years to accomplish. These statements have been made with confidence after careful review of all the evidence I can encounter, and I make no apology for that! To allow for conjecture would be unprofessional, though I try to respect the right for others to do so on their own, and I may continue to question the facts. I don't have the time to focus on crime or the evidence, though I wish others would, I've adapted by acquiring a better understanding of it. For more on this subject, please see: All Rights Reserved

I hope to become the very best God intends for me to be by sharing what I know to be true with Him. Whether King, Queen, or Pauper, unless God knows us as we are, He can only rely upon what others say about us. Because defamation has become so common, the Internet serves as the most accessible tool for the correction of defamation, though handguns, shotguns and rifles may work better.

Whistling Past the Graveyard

Entry updated:

I wouldn't continue to try to reach people that don't want to face facts, but we're dealing with the consequences of the failure to act, and whistling past the graveyard, so I'm going to continue to make things clear for those of us who still don't understand with yet this new segment for Open Letter. I'm writing with this simplification of my work because my Step Father died recently, and I need my peers to understand in plain language - without too many links or complications what's happened, to prevent it from happening again.

A lot of the trouble we've been having online has to do with the inaccurate use of terms. Names, labels, and even the naturally occurring ambiguity of terms used in the English language confound our efforts. My name Hesla, sounds like urban slang for 'His Slut', and my best friend's last name Eliason sounds like 'He'll lie a son', and either the belief that I chose to hit him because they thought I believed he was a liar, or a very serious injury must have resulted to cause the authorities to take this childhood mistake so seriously.

I hit him with a bat swing without intending to (I was 7 years old), and told his mother next door right away. I went back home thinking everything would be fine, but after leaving the neighborhood and growing up I returned to find a kind of banishment we live with when greeted by a welcoming committee that clearly doesn’t want you around.

I've been committed several times, my property has been stolen repeatedly, I've been accused of stealing my Grandmother's checks, and all kinds of other ridiculous things. So, when I encountered a hate crime scene, I chose to write the problem up in detail, sometimes in places like: My Archive, because the information I refer to may have motivated the hate crime, or been a factor in the ongoing development of a case used to justify it. And it is clear that hackers are trying to misrepresent me as someone without conscience, or integrity. Please see: All Rights Reserved

I must have been considered to be cold, cruel or unthinking by adults. I've described other things that might have lead to the belief that I haven't been careful, or checking up on things properly, such as my own investigations into medical practices I was suspicious of because I've been expected to work with the criminally insane, followed by people with medical problems like Klinefelter's Syndrome who've been violently angry with me, and I've been hacked, and followed by people with complaints for decades.

I left a State that gave me the Bat-on to lead the Orchestra at the Smorgasbord and returned to one that asked me: "How hard was he hit?" while we sit and eat dinner with formal etiquette and use this tool that's been compromised during the time it took to compose the answer.

So, I returned to my home town from another State because the problems resulting from doubts about me, or my reports to the health care system may have led to my daughter's concern. She confessed at the age of 3 that she had been permitted to touch a man's penis in a room in her house who she thought was her dad. I don't think that's okay. For a boy to investigate what appears to be a threat to him is one thing. To allow a girl to do so with an adult is another.

And, while driving a route I was advised to drive by my own family, I realized the threat I was dealing with was much worse than I thought. Perhaps, my concern about the medical practice of Circumcision led to a counter attack by someone who wanted to point to the danger of failing to control the phallus. (The body of a girl, or small woman left behind in pieces may have been drawn by a large phallus). I believe they've got us on a stretcher now, with a neck brace to come.

I wrote about this problem, but get hacked as I do despite my sincere efforts to keep it safe, reliable, and accurate, and a riot erupted in our city. The fact is, I can't keep an eye on the entire page at a glance. Edits may be taking place to other parts of this document as I work on this segment. So, perhaps we'll reconsider the value of investing in good equipment and due diligence to keep our Internet safe and secure more seriously now.

Black Lives Matter

Segment updated:

While reviewing my timeline, I noticed that shortly after being admitted to General Hospital, blood work done under Dr. Stanley's supervision showed elevated CO2 levels that resulted from a stay in a jail cell for three days without ventilation. I was literally stumbling around the cell by day 3, hospitalized, and my blood work was done a few hours later.

We're all in this together!

An incident at the hospital where one of the orderlies put a knee on my neck to keep me from smoking my snipes (cigarette butts found on the avenue - I had a bag full) brought my attention to the problem because they did the same thing to George Floyd.

And while I've been able to renew my lease and settle in a bit, I believe Dr Stanley may be having some trouble.

I've been offended by people who believe my effort to remove a woman who would not leave my home was 'abuse', because I could not sublet my unit. Repeated requests to ask her to leave resulted in a slap on the face to get it done (the officer I spoke to claimed she had 'squatters rights').

And I've been raped at gunpoint, while trying to help a person who asked for help, and offended in my current apartment because he believes it was a 'date' or worse.

Was it the unanswered questions left by the County Court, or the names of the litigants: Boneheart, Meede, or Reichman in this case (I can never remember the spelling) that offended me?

I've been followed to my current apartment by an afflicted person who's complained about the fact that he can't get in (he's dealing with a genetic problem himself and may be seeking assistance, but he assaulted me when I first arrived to Minneapolis for trying to defend my friend while we were at the Salvation army (who's head he put through a wall). These incidents are over 20 years old, and still nothings been done!

I was committed by his claims after I arrived and jailed for the altercation without ventilation, which brings us back to our starting point.

Why can't I teach my children what those who would presume to do can't teach without an understanding of the genetics we live with? Please see: How to Keep a Log

Why must I plead for the relief of debts I ought to have been paid, and slave away to enjoy rights we're all entitled to?

Do we need to rule out every measure, or double check every claim until the manifestation of the threat we hope to apprehend forces us to succumb?

The guy who assaulted me at the Salvation Army 20 years ago, and followed me to my apartment shortly after I moved in complaining about the fact that he couldn't get in visited my old apartment too, and apparently and removed the incident from the log while he was there, so he may be following me for that reason. At this point, hacks are not only changing our work, they're also heckling us below our window as we make our corrections, so I uploaded evidence of this facct to my datetime folder.

It may be our mother, who by refering to bad checks, distracts me claims made to the police that bankdrafts were stolen from my Grandmother while I lived there to focus on my failure to report well. Investigations result if we're lucky, though the police chose to an incident I completely forgot about rather than correct what was incomplete or inaccurate. Perhaps it's related to stereotype about blonds and that fact that we ought to keep our mouths shut.

All Rights Reserved

Entry Updated:

I updated the log again on August 18th 2020. I found it so badly corrupted when I returned with new entries it was disturbing. When I saved the last draft, I dated it, and was content (I can literally hear someone laughing in the background as I type this). So, I reserve the right to keep the identity of the author of the log anonymous.

At GitHub I identified a problem that resulted from two Groups at the domain Google Groups by the same name (it was referred to as one group for all groups). And, I wrote up what I know about the problem then with security there by summarizing my findings as issues one and two. I keep evidence of copy that is not mine and believe it to be a public/private issue. So to take credit for material that may present here any point time is not only wrong, it's foolish.

There are in fact hundreds of other Authors and Editors involved with publications at The Trusteeship IMID, and part of it was a refereed journal, but its clear that the work may be used to influence the community, and the hacks could become dangerous, so I refer to the problems I encounter whenever necessary to the police, and continue to work to achieve some kind of resolution in the matter. And, I found that the email address that was used to form the second group was stale, and may have actually led to the problem at Google Groups.

The most dangerous corruption to my work includes an effort that tried to place me at the hate crime scene when the hate crime took place in 1998. I've retraced my route very carefully, I kept my receipts and published a timeline of the trip to share what I know with others who might be concerned, so those materials are available to check at any time.

Its another of the lessons we've been taught, to be open, honest and willing to do whatever is necessary to get past the need to drink. When I'm with friends, and others who are already familiar with my work, I refer to it as mine because it truly is. I simply reserve the right to keep my identity anonymous whenever necessary. An author's copyright remains belongs to the author for over 50 years, and only the author is allowed to revise it. Other's may use the copyrighted material, but aren't allowed to make changes to the content.

I am the only authorized agent allowed to edit my sites on the remote servers. No one else has lawful permission to edit the work on the leases or the local at all! By binding agreement with the hosts, I'm required to keep my passwords safe and secure, and that task can be very difficult, but it's a very costly to fail to do so well. I have established a Guest account, and a Shared folder with one copy of the website for others to use, but the 5 other sites I work with cannot be edited by anyone else.

The physical security of my workstation and leases is one of my highest priorities. And if some consider anonymity to be chicanery, let it be known that I'm not a fraud. I don't need to lie, but anonymity is necessary in this case to protect other's who would be identified by association with me, so is my duty to do so in order to keep friends and members of my family who may be impacted by the work safe.

Normally a corporation would protect us, but I've enjoyed no income from my business for over 5 years, and I have scant resources to keep up what I've built, and continue to build. I use whatever means I can afford, and take the time I need to develop precautions and protections for myself, my community, and my property.

Because I cannot operate a not for profit, a political organization, an educational institution, a charity, or directories and run a profitable business at the same time (it's not even possible to categorize a business like mine), it became impossible to purchase a structure for each. There is no category for a business that encompasses all of these features, but a Common Law Trust is what its been called by the BBB, and it seems to function fairly well nevertheless.

The Trusteeship IMID is a continuation of efforts, including Web Dissemination, and The Media Development Group founded prior to it's formation in 2001 as Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination Incorporated or IMID.

Copyright (c) 2016-2022: The Trusteeship IMID, (a holding company for the liquidated assets remaining), Copyright (c) 2012-2016: IMID Limited and IMID Limited LLC (also known as IMID Ltd), Copyright (c) 2001-2012 IMID Inc, or Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination Incorporated (a subchapter s corporation with 1000 shares), Copyright (c) 1999-2001 Web Dissemination, Copyright (c) 1996-1998 The Media Development Group, All Rights Reserved.

Regarding Torture

Segment updated:

Here, we can be tortured. Whether it's our perception of the fact, or a reality in our lives doesn't matter. When dealing with victim mentality, a doubt or fear results in an effort to determine the merit of the claim. Doubt separates us, and if we're fortunate enough to be living without shame, there appears to be no just cause for the suspicions we encounter, but they're there nevertheless. So, say someone pulls out an OTF switch blade to cut his baked potato and ask: "Was the heart with the lungs, entrails and plural tissue you found on the road?" In my case, as I reflected upon the circumstances in my life, I had to consider what my daughter told me: that she would be having her breasts removed to 'become a man'. The fact that I didn't bag up the plural tissue he was referring to, or take them to a cop shop didn't help. Perhaps, because I kept going without doing my duty well, someone believed I must've been fleeing the scene - thereby giving them the right to question me, even if I did bring the videotape evidence in after the fact.

In the last two months, I've had to check and, in most cases, rewrite my own records about eating breakfast and doing laundry and driving through the States where I encountered these sitings in three different documents on 5 separate domains, three times. That's fifteen rewritten copies that were disturbingly incorrect. For how long? That does not include the grotesque manipulation of various other articles including the log, and numerous other reports.

What if I don't? What happens to my daughter? Who's going to be removing her breasts, and was he from the State where I worked as an Advocate for Patients? And who's that wailing outside right now? Do I need to publish recordings of the wailing I live with as well to convince others of what is happening in my city and this country nearly every day?

It's torture, and if you haven't been living with it, you are now. I'm reaching over 130 countries with over 5500 impressions per quarter. Do I need to get the media out despite the threats we live with to prove it? Most of us today know there's a difference between what's happening in our minds, and something we can record. I trained myself make these distinctions very early in my training, and I've used my recordings to prove what I can see and hear is really taking place. That it might be a replay of a recording by a network hack is irrelevant. If we can hear a screaming child, we do all we can, or we face the fact that we're likely to be condemned as sociopaths too.

What was the killer in this report trying to do? Why would someone eviscerate a child? To silence her for talking too much? Perhaps he penetrated too far, and tried to convince her that s/he's become a man. Did he try to play God and pull a rib out as well because God said that's how he created a woman for the man? Did he clean up the mess he made by bleeding her heart out onto it? And how many others will have to die to help him admit to his own mistake if all he has to do to get away with his behavior is to blame the guys who masturbate to convince them of the fact that their covetousness pulled the poor girl apart!

I believe the killer of the child I encountered had some idea of what displaying the desecrated body would do. To be sure, teaching discretion was one. And the videotape evidence I provided makes clear the fact that there was no hope of recovery for the victim I encountered, and no need for me, or anyone else to disrupt, or disturb the remains any more than the killer did for any reason whatsoever. Creation itself is good - even if our version of God isn't. And mother earth knows what to do with everything that has ever lived better than we do. Let her.

To be confronted with a child describing make believe doesn't seem strange to me at a time like this. It's like a safety net for the mind. But my religious approach to life requires me to put childish things away. I believe it bears scrutiny, and have tried to cover this aspect of my life more thoroughly at: Cloud Index.

Overcoming the contempt we've lived with isn't hard, we've had lots of practice, but our courtrooms won't hear it, and most can't live with it. It's just another condemnation of our world which most believe to be good based upon the refusal to accept God's better judgement. It's not our place to make these judgements by ourselves.

God does not change; He doesn't need to. He continues to disclose Himself to us as we draw near to Him. We love Him, and have chosen to write all the words and all the revelations because that's the opportunity we've been given. We're all condemned to die. That hasn't changed, but there may be more we can do to prepare for that eventuality now than there was then.

On how to deal with explicit talk

Even if I was offended by a father I didn't know well, or a power of creation that we don't always have control over, after careful study of spiritual teachings, I realized that God, and His power to create can only be a consciousness in the world if we see Him in our community. It is His conscious contact with us that gives us the power to be aware of His judgements and our duties. Though our parents may not be the best example of God in our lives, when we're children, there are none other more reliable to turn to. We're not always conscious of His judgement because we are the vitality, activity and actuality of the state He posits, but we wouldn't have an understanding of the problems we face without His consciousness. In that moment of awareness, our consciousness becomes His actuality and our duties become clear. (Witnessing evidence of the works of love ought to be followed by reverence.

The Oldest Sin

Segment updated:

We brought our hatred and contempt for the cowardice of men, and we were shown love. What's been lost are treasures of those like Black Elk, who's Vision is probably the most relevant inspiration in our world today. The Internet has changed our reality to such an extent that what we choose to manifest in the world will only take place if we let it. We have a chance to revise what doesn't work. Our virtual visualizations get revised when they're not working. All that's required of us is to respect and have reverence for the sincerity that we've been shown by those who've loved us.

Either we're a part of the solution, or we become a part of the problem. What kind of a world do we want to live in? What kind of a world have we created? We can leave room for doubt, or rely upon a curse to separates us from unpleasant facts, but if the truth really is tragic, it might be better to breathe out, and let go of the endless gasp. Better to face a fact once, than to die a thousand deaths with the fear that the tragedy might really be true. I chose to grieve the loss of life that occurrs, and know it to be a tragedy from my own perspective, rather than live with the conjecture of others trying to determine what motivated the crime. We don't have to do a thing. We'll just call it Internal Affairs that the whole world gets to know.

But I wrote without clarifying the severity of some of the concerns I described to help you to understand the predicament we're all in.

I was advised to make amends to my friend Davy by a Police Officer who didn't think I'd done enough to set matters straight in the 1960s. So, I wrote in my confessions more about the incident you're welcome to review. Its significant for several reasons, including the implication of using names, and perhaps even the meaning, or connotation of names Onomastics. Ironically, we can be prosecuted by the use of names. Names that imply by way of their meaning a behavior that the lives of the people so named therefor commit, cover-up, dispose of, and/or put in our community. It’s as old as the Bible, and getting worse.

Currently Events Include:

  1. A death threat that came from an apartment below seems to be related to the use of evidence ("I'll kill you if you two pull that evidence out").
  2. Resident managers can't admit to communications (clearly visible on camera) that seem to be related to the management of business opportunities because the business keeps the buildings afloat.
  3. Businesses that have not become profitable are usurped by criminal enterprises seeking a defense, or co-opted by law enforcement's measures to contain them - neither of which pay.
  4. Can't move to new locations due to collection efforts resulting from my effort to defend myself.
  5. Confronted by healthcare personel with the same genetic disorders as those stalking my effort to report.
  6. Working to defend our right to safe housing in order to secure the rights of former clients who can't pay, and/or are also living with life threatening situations.
  7. Called to work with the disabled missing fingers and body parts etc, but confronted on the streets and in the woods by Fundamentalists with hedge trimmers.
  8. Locked out of Social Networking accounts by the theft of documentation and breach of our Security Devices.
  9. Violated in our homes by work crews ostensibly there to make repairs and robbed of the opportunity to use our personal property by the need to store our belongings.

(We believe we ought to be paid to report, and that this is a pretty fair representation of what happens when we're left without options.)

There can be no privacy when others use our children to call us out for our own behavior apart from them. And some of us have presumed to make good the payment of illegal debts based upon activities like these. There is a dark side to spirituality. When we open ourselves up to spiritual practices, we must accept all forms of it - or have none of it. I shared examples of how English can be used to mitigate the harm caused by hazardous language, such as ambiguity and generality when opening up about the causes and conditions of our drinking (also in the log).

Had I not followed the activity closely, I would not have realized that much of the harassment we live with is ridiculous. By vilifying the honest inquiry and concern of children who investigate the cruelty of professionals in our community may embarrass them, but these are courageous and honorable efforts to understand what's happening to them and why. Professionals exploit these efforts by shaming them, and ruining their entire lives with drugs and commitment proceedings. And we loose access to our Church Groups, our Meetings, our Health Clubs answering for the concerns of our childhood. And being kept out, the professionals can put out the fires in their own way so we loose track of the case, and the people involved.

Our efforts to work with these Professionals, the Church, and Justice Department privately and separately ought to indicate that where in conflict with a party, we work with the party themselves. Not our attorneys, representatives, or mediators, but directly with the people with whom we have a conflict. Third party interventions usually result from my own confessions to people who may be involved in the incident. Though it may seem selfish to always keep the focus on myself, I can only resolve my differences confronting the behavior directly, wherever I find it. And usually, I only have another instance of myself to blame.

Ongoing Corrections

Segment updated:

I've updated my poetry page, and added a few new conclusions to the narrative, such as:

  • Most of the hacks I encounter are scrambled words, suggesting that there may be a program at work. I don't know what they're doing, but one of the Trusteeship domains and the profile attached have clearly been compromised. The project was described as: The brain reconstructs bits of information into rich meaningful representations.
  • The next most common are those that involve reframing this work as hate speech, include efforts to place the author at the hate crime scene when it clearly says he was not. A motive suggesting that the killer of the victim found is trying to get away with the crime by using these documents to make his confession.
  • The most recent nuance - an effort to frame this publication as work done by a sloppy thief who copied other pages from this work into a this document to suggest that the bullheads referred to in Poetry are stubborn people used to grow potatoes etc., when in fact it calls out the Gardner Himself for weakening by bleeding Himself out.

What's interesting about this, is that by preying upon two focuses of the program: anger, and complicating our problems, we're portrayed as people who have not practiced the program. What I may have failed to communicate is that this is not just program mentality, it's also a preparation for problem solving. Problem solving as taught by the Ashkenazi to deal with Genocide and as applied to the diverse culture in our Society which cannot be undertaken when angry. It started out as an initiative to regain control over our lives by documenting communications with authorities, and gathering and keeping evidence to advocate for ourselves, but really is a complex area of law we referred to then as Peer/Self Advocacy Coordination.

Parents create doubt and confusion in these matters, so we refer to the naturally occurring ambiguity of the English language (and terms we didn't fully understand ourselves), and/or confusion about our identities out of respect for the strength they were able to muster to cope with the cross-cultural dialectic. Those devices will no longer work today. It's better to live with our own decisions than it is to suffer with the mistakes of those who've been controlling our lives. At least we'll be able to learn from them. Please see: Problem Solving

The Internet, cannot represent 'itself'. It's always speaking for someone else. So when we encounter work we don't recognize in our own documents, and we really can't be sure who wrote some of it. I'm choosing to refer to what 'it' says only because I don't know who wrote it.

And, because I don't know enough about the motivation for the GitHub fork yet to be sure of what they're doing, though I suspect it to be directed at hate speech, I'm referring them to the Academics I introduce at Archived Docs. Though they've traditionally been on the front lines of genocide, this fork seems to be used to mock or belittle our efforts to defuse hate with the practice of 'the program' by confounding our efforts to be clear enough about the injustice we live with to do something about it.

Censorship used to confound efforts to prosecute a lynching allows the lynching to continue.

That's really the crime. Once a lynch mob has begun killing, we have to report the crime. Their trying to use Constitutional Limitations to prosecute the prosecution. There may have been breaches of our Freedom of Expression before the killing that may be cited as motivation for the crime, but that needs to be decided by a Judge. That's why I've covered events (including my reporting) before the crime as well.

I was asked to cooperate with law enforcement before encountering the crime scene I described, and I wasn't very well prepared to deal with the kind of problems they encounter at that time, but I have cooperated with the police and done my best with the time and resources I've been afforded.

I enjoy the police. I genuinely like them, and I've had no difficulty opening up and getting along with them, but problems like these result in outbursts of anger that I can't afford, and censorship, and ongoing sanctions to this business.

Severe problems to the efficiencies of this business began in 2012, while working to build a directory to empower the people of the Missions on the Avenue, but right after moving into this apartment, roughly a year ago, and while at the same soup kitchen that I referred to previously in this letter, I sat down to a table with an unfamiliar face.

He said he was a Scientist, and he was sitting with someone who looked like he was dressed for the military. I was distracted by the conversation; broke, hungry and tired after moving into my new place, I left without my bag for perhaps an hour before realizing my mistake and returned to retrieve it. When I returned, the Staff at the Church claimed there was nothing resembling the bag I described in the basement where the soup is served. When checking again later, Church staff reported finding the bag without the iPad (a security device of mine) in the women's rest room trash bin. I asked them to report the theft, and they told me to call the police. The police told me to report it myself, so these incidents became a part of the ongoing report at: The Trusteeship IMID, and who knows where it will be. You'll find entries that refer to these statements there.

The concerns I'm reporting now, are probably related to problems that escalated then. I haven't been there often since because I was angry, and needed to cool off, but they may have been anticipating my return - perhaps with some concern about what they've done. It was clear that they were on the defensive the last time I visited, and it ought to be clear in my open letter how I arrived at this conclusion now.


The fact that we're required to report the crime that results in our injuries suggests that State Policy makers don't care about the deadly consequences of following through with their expectations. Perhaps because the medical profession is making a profit with the ongoing damages.

Gulag Pure and Simple

Segment updated:

While drugged and beaten, we confess to the sins of our captors, but because we have no shame about the behavior, only the crime committed really is. By acting out what we know to be offensive in ourselves, we prove the problem of commitment is real, and the incident is used to prove we need conditioning. Conditioning that's so powerful that the control is all that's needed to prove that we are, or have the problem.

All a physician needs to employ such tactics is just cause, and confessions made by others obtained while drugged and beaten are sufficient to keep the investigations funded. Our reports, and even our confessions can jeopardize our safety because we betray criminal behavior that may be better positioned to heal, and/or correct the problem than we are, or the State is. Acting out our frustrations - weather with ourselves, or with an inanimate object such as a teddy bear serve sufficiently well to illustrate what the Doctor would have us believe, or what Investigators have been told.

A patient reports shock, or dismay about behavior that is injurious, and while drugged and/or restrained, takes pains to relieve the frustration that results, leading some to believe that the behavior we're now engaging in is the same behavior we were offended by, to put away the crime that his behavior reports to cover for the captors. In this case the teddy bear I used is misrepresented as a vulnerable child I've learned to offend.

Perhaps, starting with a belief that I come from a dangerous culture, or was exposed to dangerous ideas (someone without conscience), I'm expected to provide gurney, stretcher, and hospital bed to repair the damage I've done by mistakenly hitting my neighbor with a bat swing 50 years ago because I completely forgot about it. That I failed to call 911 seems criminal for people today who enjoy the convenience of the service and cell phones, but is lost on those of us who at the age of 7 during the 1960's didn't have 911, or cell phones at all. Please see: Confessions

I didn't know how to use the phone book well enough to call emergency services at the age of 7, (I thought telling his mother what happened would be enough). But, I believe commitments made by the Doctors and Courts in my locality served their interests because the concerns I expressed with health care personnel as I matured referred to the discovery and investigation of wounds resulting from their procedures Please see: Self Examination

Because they may have also been able to use my administration of a colonic to cover-up their own procedure (I had forgotten about the task, but preparation of the equipment involved greasing up a stop-cock). Behaviors that could potentially cover-up a physicians handling of a real phallus prior to and shortly after circumcision, by loosely referring to my behavior, and sticking it where the sun don't shine (Please see: Historical Treatments).


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