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Self Examination

An evaluation of incompetence is used to support an industry dependent upon it, not the person being evaluated. An evaluator's results are determined by the examiner's means, motives and methods, and the outcome predicts nothing about what may develop. It might be better to use a system that has not been tested and failed, than to rely on one that has. Our faith in a given practice may be all that's needed to recover from an injury.

When we act out of fear to determine if there's a threat in our environment, it's because we have evidence of that threat to begin with. And we were scared by the result of these investigations when we're young, so the impact was severe. Our enquiry was intended to evaluate the magnitude of the threats we lived with and to learn to gain some control over them, whether fancied or real, so it was not wrong to seek protection, safety or comfort when we had trouble doing so, though the strategies we were taught did not always work to our advantage.

Evaluation Continued

Circa 1968 (See also: Transpositions (Second column, The Evaluating Mind)

For example: The tactile evaluation of the glans of a circumcised person does not tell us anything about the capacity of an individual to respond without circumcision, but determining a normal, or hyperactive response may help to alleviate the anxiety that surrounds the discovery of scar tissue and the resulting loss of sensitivity. And, if Eve was condemned by her evaluation of that which may determine what will be, and what will not be by some confusion of the term ‘tree, or limb’, then removal of that point of contact may serve as adequate way to forgive the transgression that may have corrupted the tree in order to determine the magnitude of the threat. Please see: Haptics in Biotechnology.

Physical problems need to be treated by physical means, and if the trauma is a learned response to what might be termed conditioning, ideally we would approach the systems that rely upon it in order to change standard practice, or consent to it. A therapeutic change in our lives results in rewritten genes. Muscle memory returns to normal patterned responses and functions, as do autonomic and/or sympathetic systems, such as the heart rate, and breathing patterns, but if conditioning is a sanctioned act - supported by government, religion and corporations bent upon profits rather than our own health and happiness, we can seek alternatives. Please see: Bodywork.

Poor guidance and direction result in resentment, spiritual disease, and dependency on drugs, thus supporting the industry that created the problem by denying the event, invalidating the witness, numbing the pain that informs us of our status. Drugs lead to further degeneration of sympathetic and autonomic systems, motor dyskinesia, and a lack of awareness as others try to help you disenfranchises us by impairing our ability to problem solve. Dulled senses weaken our ability to defend ourselves, and nothings been accomplished but a postponement of the work that needs to be done, and the disability of the heavily medicated. Please see: Treatment Planning.

We can't always attend the meetings others go to, but we are taught to rely upon God. The program is very helpful for people with anger, and fear - or obsessions....anything that bothers us over and over again, and our goal is to overcome these problems. Some meetings provide opportunities for children to attend as well, but if you can't go to a meeting, we can also try to work with Law Enforcement to problem solve. Just be sure to do your homework first. Please see: Investigations, or Survival


By writing about problems common to us all, like Anger, we can get to the source of our discontent, and find out what's really bothering us. You can use the following worksheets as guides:

Resentment Inventory
Resentment Inventory II

The same principles apply to Fear and Conduct. You can use these worksheets to solve these problems:

Fear Inventory
Fear Inventory II

Conduct Inventory
Conduct Inventory II

The pioneers of this program realized the cause of disease was inflammation, or the burning up sensation over 75 years ago, and reducing, or eliminating inflammation is precisely the purpose of these worksheets. By writing out what we're upset about and by disciplined practice of prayer and meditation we can overcome our own anger and frustration for next to nothing.

Instructions on how to do this is available here: Step Primer. Sometimes it's our only option, and even if we need to resort to professional support someday, we'll be much better prepared to do so.

There are suggested prayers along with the suggested questions to help you find your own truth.

Though the step program is designed for addictions, many of us have come to believe that managing anger may be a life saving strategy. Whenever life isn't fair (and it frequently is not!), and we have no choice but to live with injustice, there is no better way to deal with it. What we've begun to realize is that reporting the crimes may actually make things worse as you can see here in this example.

Keep a Log

It was suggested to me by Law Enforcement to keep a log, and most of this work was written to protect and defend children. Logging incidents or events documents the consequences of doing what we've decided to do about what has happened. And in time, upon reflection, may help us to develop adaptations that we're currently unfamiliar with regardless of the results we're having. You'll find some of the warnings reprinted here:
Guidance and Support.

My goal is to empower an average person to defend him or herself without becoming harmful. The question is, where to draw the line. Terms of Agreement we're expected to abide by online. This is only an example. I chose not to use names or locations in these documents, and if dangers persist, I will also remove dates from entries.

The publication of this log began in 2012, and by 2014 stalking began at the places of publication. Changes to this document and related pages include omissions, and intentional efforts to defame the author by replacing an innocent report with hateful and confusing text to invalidate the testimony. The discussion of damages resulting from our efforts are also dangerous, and may have motivated physical assaults we've lived with intended to silence our testimony, but it is clear that thousands of people have been damaged by efforts to report crimes of various kinds, even though we are required to do so.

For example: Events relevant to a Hate Crime Scene in 1998.

Prior History

1962-1964: The sex conduct of my parents ends their marriage (Simply referring to this problem led to an assault based upon the belief that the author was a racist, so I toned down the material by referring to another incident in 1962 when he got lost following a cat. The adultery of his parents took place after that incident, but the first loosely refers to both).

1979: I bring up traumatic memories of their affairs to my mother and she denies the events saying it's 'grey matter'.

1982-2012: I take my concerns about my family of origin and our shame based alcoholic family to therapy. Therapists and doctors for years to come keep pace with everything I am reporting here and much of what I have not made public such as unwelcome sexual advances we were exposed to and encountered in my Metro Area during the 60's and 70's while on the job as children.

1984/87: Placed in an apartment with an HIV infected person. When hospitalized by trauma, a biohazard sign is hung on my door. The resulting conflicts lead to an extremely negative diagnosis.

1989: My child was removed from her mother at birth in 1989. While trying to adjudicate parental rights, a witness at the county court said I would 'cut her ears off'. And, after returning from the hospital my partner (and my daughter's mother) told me that an Officer told her that 'white stuff' was reported to have been found on our child sometime during the hospital stay.

1990: Committed while trying to secure our daughter's return after the County removed her from her mother.

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